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Learn the language of your body!

And discover how to sync your cycle with your daily life.

Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) help a woman to discover the language of her body using the natural observable signs to monitor overall health and wellness! Each stage of a woman's life is unique and can be challenging. Learning how to interpret the individual signs of fertility empowers women by giving them the tools and knowledge to make decisions and live freely and confidently! Syncing the cycle of fertility to everyday life improves eating habits, exercise, work performance and more!

Our mission at Côr Fertility is to educate women and couples of all ages to embrace the beauty & the language of their bodies. 



At CÔR Fertility, we know the heart (R) of fertility begins with a clear understanding of who we are, how we are created and the language our bodies communicate with us every minute of every day. To learn that language is empowering for every woman, no matter her age or state in life.

R fertility consists of a team of men and women, moms and dads, teachers and medical professionals who understand the challenges and expectations of today's world regarding fertility. The more a woman knows about herself and her body, the more effective she is personally and professionally.


We care about each and every woman, understanding her inherent dignity. Our hope is that every woman has access to the very best education and tools needed to learn the beauty of her individuality and unique language of her own body and become her own health advocate. 

Your cycle matters!

Women who have learned about their cycles, also learned the effect of hormones on their everyday life and adjusted their training for the best results.

Learning about their bodies and the language of the cycle helps women to know the optimal times to push hard or train lighter with specific stretches and exercises in order to train for marathons and WIN world championship sports!

Read about these women and sports teams who optimized their training by syncing their cycles!

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Running Athletic Women
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