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How cycle irregularities, PMS and infertility are treated with natural and surgical intervention.

You are not alone! Fertility Awareness Based Methods and natural, modern reproductive technologies have been pivotal in the stories of many women and couples' personal fertility journeys. No matter what your story is, there is a solution. At times, the answer may not be what you hope for and your story may turn in an unexpected direction.

Don't get discouraged and take it one step at a time. 


 Below we share with you testimonials that are full of hope and inspiration.

Don't give up on your own journey - and don't hesitate to reach out!

Nick and Emily

"We suffered two back-to-back miscarriages in 2022 when trying for our second child...

it was earth-shattering. When my midwife group

told me that I would have to have 3 miscarriages to be taken seriously and get further testing as to why this could be happening to me, I immediately knew

I needed to seek help elsewhere. That's when I found Dr. Milburn. When I got pregnant with my son,

Dr. Milburn intervened immediately and had me tested for progesterone. It turned out that my progesterone levels were low. He had me supplement for my entire first trimester and watched me closely. I could never thank Dr. Milburn and his staff enough for all that they have done for my family." 

PJ and Ashley

"After almost four years of infertility, and a

life-threatening ectopic pregnancy, we knew working with Dr. Milburn was our next step and for the next 12 months we used fertility awareness to avoid pregnancy until we could get the surgery we needed. Finally, in February of 2021, we had the minimally invasive surgery with Dr. Milburn.

He was so calm, hopeful, and encouraging, ​exactly what we needed. The surgery was successful, and we were given the green light to begin trying to conceive. We found out two months later we were pregnant!"

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